Cool Cucumber Gazpacho

Would I have become a writer if I liked math? No. And no again. So there’s very little measuring or recipe following in the Full DISHclosure kitchen. We consider recipes as mere suggestions. Results may vary. We love that!  With that disclosure, cook on… Cool Cucumber Gazpacho (Raw, Vegan, See related story) 4 large cucumbers 1 green bell pepper, seeded 3 yellow or green tomatoes 1 avocado 1 small onion (green or white) 1 jalapeno pepper 1/2 cup pineapple (approximate) 3... Read More


“Farming is an activism for a way of life that is endangered,” declares GROW! That’s not only because most of us are disconnected from our food, but because, in 2010, the average age of a farmer in Georgia was 57. GROW! Movie Trailer Filmmakers Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson managed to find a handful of aspirational, if landless, young people who’ve put aside their impressive degrees in philosophy, history, chemistry,... Read More

What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?

Vitamin donuts? Black market margarine? See the evolution of America’s diet and our government’s effect on what we eat at the National Archives’ exhibition What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? through January 3, 2012.  Covering propaganda to innovation, historic documents illustrate Uncle Sam’s role in food production from farm to  factory, and its role in consumption from kitchen to table. Now if only we could take a transparent look at corporate America’s... Read More

My Big Fat Saucy Pan Fried Okra

What does the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding have to do with pan fried okra? Well, it’s a stretch, so bare with me, but true movie fans  know that Ian Miller’s “put some Windex on it” is a curative instruction for most any situation. Similarly, the book The Help teaches that Crisco is “the most important invention in the kitchen since jarred mayonnaise.” (Minny says Crisco ain’t just for fryin’. It will remove gum from your hair... Read More

Soft Drinks: Hard on the Body

Have a sip of Sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, bisphenol A (BPA)and HFCS. In case you need some added perspective on soda consumption, here are some interesting stats — Consumers worldwide drink 27 million Coca-Colas per hour or over 600-million per day.In the United States, an average person drinks 412 8-ounce drinks — or 3296 ounces — of Coke per year.  This calculates to 39964 calories consumed per year by every American, or the equivalent of 20 days of recommended... Read More

If These Walls Could Talk

Once a year the pale, stoic walls at Alys Beach, Florida, do talk, and sing, and dance; maybe recite some poetry, morph into who-knows-what, or yell at passers by. It happens infrequently, but fabulously, at Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach’s annual feast for the eyes and senses. On Saturday, June 11, this otherwise quite stretch of the Gulf Coast becomes a city of lights, alive for the fourth time in as many years with an interactive display of technology, light, color,... Read More

Edible Landscape at Alys Beach

June is the perfect time for two of my favorite things: visiting the beach and picking fresh blueberries. So, I couldn’t have been happier to find the blueberry bushes surrounding half of Alys Beach’s Lake Marilyn heavy with ripe berries. My son and I picked bowls full of warm, delicious fruit and whipped up non-dairy blueberry smoothies for breakfast (made with coconut water). My evening plans call for Blueberry Jalapeno  Margaritas. After all, blueberries are... Read More

Water, Water Everywhere

I’m visiting the beach this week surrounded everyday by clear, cool emerald water. It looks pure and perfect. But today, Civil Eats‘ Anna Lappe responds to Dow Chemical’s greenwashing water claims (below) and reminds us all that it’s time to think differently about our water. She says, “The future we should be creating is one in which everyone has access to clean water. No one should worry whether their water is tainted with endocrine... Read More

Seeing is Bee-lieving

This morning, when I woke to the faint buzz of more than 1,000 sleepy honeybees, it felt like Christmas in June. Rob the Beekeeper had arrived to establish our much-anticipated first colony of honeybees before the heat of early summer became too intense. Which it soon did, spiking today at 101 degrees. But inside the bee’s brood chamber, the temperature stays between 92 and 97 degrees all year long. “They cluster together to keep warm when it’s cold, or they... Read More

Dinner with an Edge

Good food and good story-telling often go together like butter and biscuits. (That is, unless your diet is dairy-free and gluten free.) And last night, story-telling flowed as freely as the “Co-cola” and bourbon-inspired refresher at Restaurant Eugene’s Author Dinner Series with John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance. Edge told the tale of Frank’s Place, a short-lived TV sitcom from 1987 inspired by New Orleans’ Chez Helene restaurant,... Read More

Believe Nothing

 “Believe nothing.
No matter 
where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with you own reason and your own common sense."

               - Buddha

“The same molecules
that make up the food
we consume become
the molecules of our
minds and bodies.
So, unless you grow
your own food, you
should choose a
farmer as carefully as
 you choose your 
doctor or pastor.”

  _ Tim Willey, Farmer
             Madera CA
 “If man made it… don’t eat





        - Jack LaLanne

  “If we are
 always arriving and
 departing, it is also
 true that we are 
 eternally anchored. 
 One's destination is 
 never a place but 
 rather a new way of 
 looking at things."

           - Henry Miller
  “The rest of the
 world lives to eat…
 I eat to live.”
- Socrates
“Teachers open the door, 

you must enter by 


         - Chinese proverb

Factory Farm Map