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Touring the Amalfi Coast with Chef Shawn Doty

“Have it your way,” is a phrase that should have been reserved for Shaun Doty’s guests, particularly those at his first YEAH! BURGER where orders are customized to individual preferences. (Go ahead, order the veggie burger on gluten-free bun with a side of locally-grown organic greens, a seasonal cocktail and copy of Food Inc to watch at home.) So, who better to lead a customized culinary tour of Italy’s Campania and Amalfi regions, designed to spotlight farm to table... Read More

Believe Nothing

 “Believe nothing.
No matter 
where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with you own reason and your own common sense."

               - Buddha

“The same molecules
that make up the food
we consume become
the molecules of our
minds and bodies.
So, unless you grow
your own food, you
should choose a
farmer as carefully as
 you choose your 
doctor or pastor.”

  _ Tim Willey, Farmer
             Madera CA
 “If man made it… don’t eat





        - Jack LaLanne

  “If we are
 always arriving and
 departing, it is also
 true that we are 
 eternally anchored. 
 One's destination is 
 never a place but 
 rather a new way of 
 looking at things."

           - Henry Miller
  “The rest of the
 world lives to eat…
 I eat to live.”
- Socrates
“Teachers open the door, 

you must enter by 


         - Chinese proverb

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