Pumpkin Pie: Coconut & Spice Kissed

Among the countless pumpkin pie recipes this time of year, we reprised this decadent dairy-free delight by 101 Cookbooks, and our taste-testers gave it a unanimous three spoons up! The layer of ground nuts, fresh spices, roasted pumpkin, creamy coconut milk and whisky-infused garnish make all the difference. Spice-kissed Pumpkin Pie 1 pie crust of your choice, or see head notes for pat-in-pan option 2 cups hazelnuts (divided) , toasted 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon pumpkin... Read More

Keeping the Doctor Away

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“Tell it like it is.” That advice paid off for Aaron Neville since 1967, along with, “Don’t be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide.” But for most of us it isn’t that easy. In Speak Your Mind, Damnit and How To Be Fearless, two bloggers ponder self-censorship and the question of offending, or not, their readers. They remind us that sex, religion and politics are known taboos, but I believe I’ve found another that’s just as intimate, personal and potentially... Read More

Tailgate Tip: Bourbon & Spicy Ginger Soda

How to Score Big on Game Day? Garden and Gun Magazine went to the South’s starting lineup of culinary pros, Chef Hugh Acheson, for this updated take on the classic bourbon and ginger ale. (Photo byMargaret Houston) “This is a play on the classic spicy ginger ale and bourbon, but we are making our own ginger syrup. The simple way of making a syrup can be stretched into other cocktail and dessert applications as well. Maker’s is a solid bourbon, but you could use Evan... Read More

Trick or Treat?

Don’t be tricked into believing your food is something it’s not. Courtesy of Culinate.com You probably already know that the word “natural,” when stamped on a food product, means next to nothing. But polls and surveys repeatedly show that most consumers think “natural” means a food is good, clean, and fair — and are duped into paying more for it. As PCC Sound Consumer, the newsletter of a Seattle-based grocery chain, recently pointed out, the belief... Read More

Graveyard Shift: Supper at Oakland Cemetery

A chilly October mist settles over us the minute we step into the graveyard, making us a little unsure about having agreed to dine with the dead, but Esther Andrew and Chef Evan Cordes are about to shift our way of thinking. Photos by Kitty Ray Swain. In the three years since Andrew founded For Foods Sake supper club she’s treated invitation-only members to culinary experiences at secret locations from rooftops to farms; private homes to hidden gardens. But her October destination... Read More

Healthy Jicama Slaw

Steel drums, a rosy sunset and seasonal dragonflies marked an end-of-summer gathering at Alys Beach, where Chef Kevin Korman’s  jicama slaw was a surprise sensation. Korman is Chef de Cusine of Caliza Restaurant. He shares his is crowd-pleasing, vegan, raw and refreshing recipe: 1   Jicama, shredded (like pasta) on mandolin 1  Green Mango 1+ Jalapeno Pepper 2 to 3 tablespoons Honey (or substitute agave nectar) Juice of three fresh Limes Cilantro, salt and pepper to... Read More

Bar Wars: Chocolate Throw Down in San Francisco

What to do with only 24 hours in San Francisco? How about a whirlwind quest to find the city’s best chocolate? We know: tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right? At Pier 17, we wait-list our way into TCHO Chocolate Factory, the techy take on an ancient tradition established in 2005 by Wired magazine’s Louis Rossetto and Timothy Childs. TCHO’s (pronounced “cho”) sleek factory has been open for touring since October, but our young, headset-sporting... Read More

Millennium Restaurant: It’s About Time

What is the country’s most indulgent vegan dining destination? Many would say Millennium in San Francisco, so we traveled across time zones to decide for ourselves. We landed at Millennium’s zinc-topped bar at 9 p.m. on a Monday night, and the place was buzzing with a fit-looking, multi lingual crowd mingling by the light of eco-correct deconstucted paper chandeliers. When we left a couple of hours later, our palettes forever enhanced, our only criticism was that all... Read More

Believe Nothing

 “Believe nothing.
No matter 
where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with you own reason and your own common sense."

               - Buddha

“The same molecules
that make up the food
we consume become
the molecules of our
minds and bodies.
So, unless you grow
your own food, you
should choose a
farmer as carefully as
 you choose your 
doctor or pastor.”

  _ Tim Willey, Farmer
             Madera CA
 “If man made it… don’t eat





        - Jack LaLanne

  “If we are
 always arriving and
 departing, it is also
 true that we are 
 eternally anchored. 
 One's destination is 
 never a place but 
 rather a new way of 
 looking at things."

           - Henry Miller
  “The rest of the
 world lives to eat…
 I eat to live.”
- Socrates
“Teachers open the door, 

you must enter by 


         - Chinese proverb

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