Firing Up Food Blogs’ Best


You know what they say about necessity. Just as I started looking forward to entertaining weekend guests, who by the way are not remotely vegetarian, I realized my kitchen’s cooktop, freezer and dishwasher had stopped working in near-perfect unison. So, what’s a veganish girl with a challenged kitchen and carnivorous houseguests to do? Spend a day immersed in reading... Read More

Bar Wars: Chocolate Throw Down in San Francisco


What to do with only 24 hours in San Francisco? How about a whirlwind quest to find the city’s best chocolate? We know: tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right? At Pier 17, we wait-list our way into TCHO Chocolate Factory, the techy take on an ancient tradition established in 2005 by Wired magazine’s Louis Rossetto and Timothy Childs. TCHO’s (pronounced... Read More

Opening March 5: Cacao on Peachtree

FFS Kristen Hard

 Anticipating the grand opening of Cacao, chocolate maker extraordinaire Kristen Hard captivated fans at a preview for For Food’s Sake supper club. Guest Sherean writes: I don’t know if it was the full moon, or the wine, or those delicate little discs of chocolate – actually, I do know – it was all three, combined, that made February 17th one of For Food Sakes’... Read More

Savvy Sommeliers Gina Hopkins and Perrine Prieur

The Atlantan Nov 2 Bottle Rockets (lg)

Savvy Sommeliers Gina Hopkins and Perrine Prieur rock the city with their decadent new destinations: H&F Bottle Shop and Perrine’s Wine Shop. As seen in The Atlantan, November 2010 By Amanda Lester Trevelino / Photos by Sarah Dorio The DISH: Your can’t rush a fine wine, nor apparently, a fine wine and spirits destination. But when H&F Bottle... Read More

Believe Nothing

 “Believe nothing.
No matter 
where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with you own reason and your own common sense."

               - Buddha

“The same molecules
that make up the food
we consume become
the molecules of our
minds and bodies.
So, unless you grow
your own food, you
should choose a
farmer as carefully as
 you choose your 
doctor or pastor.”

  _ Tim Willey, Farmer
             Madera CA
 “If man made it… don’t eat





        - Jack LaLanne

  “If we are
 always arriving and
 departing, it is also
 true that we are 
 eternally anchored. 
 One's destination is 
 never a place but 
 rather a new way of 
 looking at things."

           - Henry Miller
  “The rest of the
 world lives to eat…
 I eat to live.”
- Socrates
“Teachers open the door, 

you must enter by 


         - Chinese proverb

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