Legit Lit: Must-Reads from EWG


Gifting books this season? If your holidays allow downtime to catch up on reading, check out Jane Houlihan, Senior Vice President for Research at Environmental Working Group‘s, list of some of the best selections for our health and the health of our planet: Cookbooks: Ken loves cooking from Sheryl Crow’s If It Makes You Healthy: More Than 100 Delicious Recipes... Read More

From Biodiesel Cars to Biodynamic Farms, Green Matters


A hungry musician cruises through town, stopping to fuel up at the nearest Chinese restaurant. Not unusual, until you realize he’s filling his biodiesel car’s tank with used cooking oil, rather than chowing down on egg roles and dumplings. A second surprise my be the city he’s filling up in. For many, Atlanta may not spring to mind upon hearing the word “green,”... Read More

Dieting in the Fast Lane: TurboCharged


Will the average Joe wake up every morning, start his body’s engine with a mini-workout and fill its “tank” with 32 ounces of water before his first cup of joe, all in pursuit of a sleek physique? According to authors Dian Griesel, Ph.D., and Tom Griesel, he will if he wants to be TurboCharged (a.k.a. lean and fabulous). In their new book TurboCharged: Accelerate... Read More

Blood, Bones, Butter, Smoke & Applause


It isn’t often you stumble upon a whole lamb roasting on a spit along Peachtree Street in Atlanta. But Chef Linton Hopkins and Chef Gabrielle Hamilton raised the bar (the one holding said lamb) for Restaurant Eugene’s author series last night, welcoming guests for al fresco cocktails around a smokey, homemade rotisserie reminiscent of the opening scene in Hamilton’s... Read More

Believe Nothing

 “Believe nothing.
No matter 
where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with you own reason and your own common sense."

               - Buddha

“The same molecules
that make up the food
we consume become
the molecules of our
minds and bodies.
So, unless you grow
your own food, you
should choose a
farmer as carefully as
 you choose your 
doctor or pastor.”

  _ Tim Willey, Farmer
             Madera CA
 “If man made it… don’t eat





        - Jack LaLanne

  “If we are
 always arriving and
 departing, it is also
 true that we are 
 eternally anchored. 
 One's destination is 
 never a place but 
 rather a new way of 
 looking at things."

           - Henry Miller
  “The rest of the
 world lives to eat…
 I eat to live.”
- Socrates
“Teachers open the door, 

you must enter by 


         - Chinese proverb

Factory Farm Map

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