Super (Veggie) Bowl: Bok Choy

Somewhere in China there are two grandmothers I wish I could thank for  a super supper. Our new friend Ruby, who is visiting from Beijing, not only is a globe trotting student, but also a no-shortcuts wiz in the kitchen thanks to everyday lessons from family matriarchs. She spent her first Super Bowl in the U.S. making bowls of steaming vegetable dishes alongside our own Veggie Kid. And their choreography was so seamless we almost forgot to watch Beyoncé. Among the highlights:... Read More

Lady Finger Balacan at Penang

Anyone in the mood for Salted Cabbage with Pork Intestines? Maybe Assam Fish Head or Squid in Lemon Grass broth, Duck Congee (porridge), or Pork Stomach Soup? Me neither. But, having ventured to Kennesaw, GA (of all places) to check out Best Penang, I almost wish I had an adventurous, carnivorous palate. On the plus side, my aversion to such things made the Lady Finger Balacan, fresh okra with spicy red shrimp paste sauce, all the more appealing. Balacan is a typical Malay-Indonesian... Read More

A Changien is Born

Cult followers of “the disappearing chef,” Peter Chang know he’s constantly on the move bringing Szechwan specialties, like his semi-famous Scallion Bubble Pancakes, to random restaurants across the southeast. Chang once cooked for Chinese president, Hu Jintao before moving to the U.S. to work at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. From there, he’s popped in and out of restaurants from Virginia to Tennessee. So, when I had a chance to taste what... Read More